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Cynthia Mohr, Ph.D.

Co-Investigator, PSU


Mental Health, Sleep

Dr. Mohr, Professor of Psychology at Portland State University, directs the Daily Affect, Drinking, and Interpersonal Context Health Lab. Her research work focuses on social relationships and the processes by which they provide health benefits, such as social support or sharing of positive experiences. Her work also examines how loneliness and interpersonal conflict can be detrimental to health and well-being. For the past 10+ years, she has collaborated with Dr. Hammer on multiple Department of Defense projects aimed to enhance support of active duty and separated service members and reservists and their families.Please visit Dr. Mohr's DYADIC (Daily Affect, Drinking, and Interpersonal Context) research lab website to learn more.

Cynthia Mohr, Ph.D.
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